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Our Identity is so much more than standing stones and monuments to heroes. It encompasses all that we know and think. How we speak, our gestures and how we project a sense of ourselves to others.

It colours our myths, legends, place names and oral traditions. It informs our social practices, games, sports, gastronomy, theatre, dance and literature.

It is formed by the geological specificities of our landscape, our flora, fauna, eco-systems and climate. It grows from the soil we till and the blood we spill in defense of our heritage.     

A heady cocktail of tangible and intangible things. Like the feelings stirred by a patriotic song or the sight of a flag caught by the wind on a ship’s proud prow. The pride an older generation takes in welcoming the new.   

It is what defines who and what we are. It cannot be bought or sold. Nor is it a stamp in a passport anyone can hold. For it is ours and unique to us.

And woe betide anyone who tries to claim it, steal it or denigrate it - for what is ours is ours and it is not for barter or for trade.

So I say to those who masquerade as European or decry the age-old identity we take to be authentic - find your own definition of yourselves and build upon it - for we do not need or want you. 

To ourselves we will be true.

by an Anonymous Contributor

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